Name: Jesses a.k.a Jessica a.k.a. Mom a.k.a DJ Hellcat a.k.a. Edna Million
Location: Midwest
Interests: My kids, Digital PM, music (pop, rock, 60s soul, R&B, krautrock, psych, beat, late 70s power pop, classical, jazz), history, gardening, knitting, canning, pickling, baking, photography, unicorns.

Jessica, previously known as Edna Million (on the internets), also previously known as DJ Hellcat at a local irish pub, really enjoys her job as Director of Project Management AND Product Marketing at Pixo, previously Web Product & Project Manager at Wolfram & Wolfram|Alpha. She bought her first home, a 1904 American Craftsman style bungalow, in May of 2010. She lives there with her significant male counterpart who is a SAHD to LL Cool J (9 years old), the Henneman (4), Maximus (2), and two kittehs: Furry Murray (Purry) Rothbard and Dusty Rose a.k.a. Dustin The Wind a.k.a. Ziggy Stardust a.k.a. Freddy Mercury. We collect records and books, garden (veggie and flower and herb) a LOT, and enjoy board games.

I collect lots of kitschy stuff, play the saxophone, sing a mean Mambo Italiano at Karaoike, hate squirrels, have the funk, would enjoy fixing up my house if I could only afford it, like learning things on the internets, like reading about digital PM and agile, like sticky notes and sharpies a LOT, and love crashing rummage sales and thrift shops, and espeially love my job of being momma to my three awesome boys.